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Deb and John chez de Chez PropertiesWe’re a husband and wife team and our experience comes from having personally bought and sold a few very different properties in the Languedoc.  We also lived there for many years and as well as a property rental business, we have experience in setting up and running other businesses in France too.

Over the years we’ve had some interesting ‘interactions’ with property agencies, the wonderful tax man and various French organisations, so know first hand just how frustrating (although amusing in hindsight!) the property search process and living in France can be.

We’re back in the UK now but have retained our passion for the region and our desire to help others avoid some of the bear pits we fell into in the early days, in our quest to buy our our perfect Languedoc home.

How we can help you

We can help you find your perfect Languedoc property

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our property pages, then please contact us.  We work with a network of agencies from across the region and new properties are being listed all the time, they just might not be published on our site yet.

If you’d like us to pull together a shortlist of properties for you then please complete our simple property search form and we’ll get started straight away for you.

We can also help you to sell your home in the Languedoc

You can advertise with us privately and we’ll work with you to help you sell your Languedoc home.

Further information about buying, selling and living in the Languedoc

For more information, why not take a look at the articles written by us and our guest writers, here’s a small selection of the most popular ones:

Contact Us

Please contact John or Deborah with any questions about either buying or selling your home in the Languedoc, or even just about the Languedoc region itself.  We’re here to help.

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