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Asttral is an Independent Insurance Broker, based in the Languedoc.  They have a dedicated, English speaking team, focused on advising and arranging the most suitable Insurance policies for the Ex-pat community in France.

Why do you need a specialist insurance broker

France, like any other country, has particular features surrounding its insurance industry which are significantly different from those of the UK. It is therefore really important, if you’re new to France that you’re aware of some of these differences.

Below are just a few examples that highlight key difference between UK and French insurance policies:

House insurance

A key factor in assessing the annual premium of your house insurance is the dimensions of the property. If renting out a property on a long-term basis, it is necessary that both the owner and the tenant have specific policies that cover the property.

Car insurance

It takes 13 years to build up a Full No Claims Bonus. In certain cases we can transfer UK No Claims Bonuses to French policies.

Health insurance

  1. Membership of the French State Health System, in many circumstances, does not cover full cost of your medical requirements. It is necessary to purchase, like most French Citizens do, a Mutuelle policy (Top Up) to cover any shortfall.
  2. In France the E111, in many circumstances, does not cover foreign visitors or tourists medical expenses. It only covers the equivalent that a French citizen/ resident would receive, so the advise in point (a) would apply.

ASTTRAL, through it’s French and English staff can help you to fully understand the market and arrange the appropriate Insurance in the following Sectors:


We found that over the years that the support we received from Asttral almost certainly saved us money and Nick was one of the first people we’d call in a crisis!  He’s a font of knowledge and is brilliant at putting you in touch with the right company for your needs.

If you’d like some advice about what sort of insurance you might require, or would like a quotation, please give their friendly, English speaking team a call.

Tel: +33 (0)4 68 32 41 20



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