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There’s a lot to be said for renting out a property over a few months, or preferably even for a year before you commit to buying your dream home in the Languedoc.

Benefits of renting before buying a property

By renting before buying, you’ll have the benefit of experiencing the Languedoc through the seasons, which will give you a far better insight into the rhythm of Languedoc living and help you to work out your preferred location and property type.  Properties and villages have a very different feel from season to season and you may find that over the course of a few months you steadily change your search criteria.

Another benefit of renting first is that by living locally, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on the property market and view properties for sale far more easily than trying to arrange viewings from the UK.

Finding a long term rental agency

Long term rentals in France is heavily regulated and weighted towards the renter, which is great but this comes with a downside in that its quite difficult to rent through French agencies unless you have a salaried job.  The owners are rightly cautious of renters defaulting on their payments and not being able to move them on.

However, we know of two companies who specialise in long term rentals and are specifically geared towards the English speaking, ex-pat clients. The properties they rent out tend to be furnished, or part furnished holiday properties where owners are flexible on the length of stay, normally up to 1 year.

Go Languedoc, specialises in long term rentals in the Languedoc and Jane will help you with your specific search criteria.  However, we also like Rent a Place in France, as they have a brilliant selection of properties and their site is really easy to navigate too.

 Here are both companies contact details:

 Go Languedoc

Jane Laverock
+ 33 (0)6 30 54 00 97
+ 33 (0)4 67 76 29 55

Rent a Place in France

Ross Husband

+33(0)5 61 88 77 08

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