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Lozere  – Department 48

The departments of the Languedoc Roussillon: Lozere | Gard | Herault | Aude | Pyrenees Orientales

If you love the great outdoors and getting back to nature, this is the department for you.  With activities such as; hiking in the Cevennes National Park, cross country skiing on Mont Lozere, or in fact a whole host of other snow sports, popular in this department.  Due to the amount of fresh water lakes, this is also a great area for coarse and fly fishing and the Lozere is considered one of the best departments of France for trout fishing with the best rivers being the Lot, Tarn and Truyere.  This is also a great  department for caving and kayaking enthusiasts.

Here the wildlife really is wild.  It’s quite a common sight to see vultures circling, wolves and even Bison roam free.

Lozère is famous for its cheeses – with the most famous being; Roquefort, ‘Bleu des Causses’, and Tomme de Lozère.  The region has a rich cuisine, probably due to the colder climate to that of it’s Mediterranean neighbours, with dishes such as Aligot, a satifying dish of mashed potato, fresh cream, bacon, garlic and tome cheese.

The towns of Lozere

Mende is the the largest town in Lozere with 13,000 inhabitants.  It’s a lovely town of rich archicture and historical heritage and is the perfect location for those who want town living but to be surrounded by nature.  Mende is dominated by it’s 14th century gothic cathedral and there is also still a small part of it’s ancient fortifications standing to this day, along with the 13th century Pont Notre Dame bridge and the three squares of the original medieval city.

Marvejols  is a striking medieval city with a colourful history.   Three of the main entrances into the town are part of the original fortifications.  All three have large round towers standing each side of the entrance.  There are two prominent statues in the centre of Marvejols, one commemorating the 18th century ‘beast of Gevaudan’ where it’s reported that over several years what was believed to be a wolf killed almost 100 people in the area surrounding the town.  The second statue is that of Henry lV.  The plaque on the statue proudly states ‘executed in 1954’ meaning the statue, not the King!

Florac is a small but very pretty town in the middle of the Parc des Cévennes. Worth seeing is it’s castle which was destroyed during the crusades and rebuilt again in 1652.  The town has two ‘squares’ bordered by shops and restaurants, with the ‘esplanade’ being the larger of the two.

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Property market overview for Lozere:

Lozere is the cheapest department in the Languedoc Region with the average price of an apartment being around €1,274 /sq m and a house averaging  €1,302 /sq m.


Train stations in Lozere

Transport links:

Road: The A75 runs pretty much through the centre of Lozere, making it one of the most stunning car journeys through France.  It also means that whilst it’s quite a remote department, it’s actually very easy to access.

Airports:  Nearest international airport – Montpellier approximately 65 miles.


This department relies heavily on tourism and whilst it’s not as popular as its Mediterranean neighbours, it’s fast becoming a favourite with rock climbers, ramblers, keen photographers and bird watchers

Lozere, the northerly most department of the Languedoc Rousillon is a stunning department.  It’s different from the four other Languedoc departments in that it does not border the Mediterranean but that’s not the only difference.  Forming part of the Massif Central mountain range, it’s also the home to  plateaux’s, deep gorges, rivers and lakes.  Lozere is also steeped in history, with many references and a robust tourist industry focusing on the crusade against the Cathars.

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Why not take a look at our great selection of Lozere houses for sale.

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