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Specialist French independent financial advice

Beacon Wealth ManagementWho are Beacon GWM?

Beacon GWM have been providing independent financial advice since 1995. They decided to specialise in the French market when they identified that many of the ex pats moving there were insufficiently prepared for the French fiscal system.

They are authorised and regulated in the UK through the FCA and authorised to provide advice in France through the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and they have bi-lingual staff who will support you with the administration side of things, so you can be sure they will deal with any of your queries promptly and efficiently. Beacon have offices both in the UK and in France.

How Beacon can help

Firstly they will take the time to get to know you and your financial situation. They will make a list of priorities and suggestions and leave you as much time as you need to make the best/right choice for you. There is no fixed script as the solution will always be tailor-made for you.

There is no charge for this as they firmly believe that their bespoke solution is the best step to a lasting professional relationship. Their advisors will guide you whenever your financial needs or situation change to insure that you are getting the right advice at the right time.

Beacons’ staff all speak English, advise in plain English and most of the paperwork that you will receive will be in English. If not they will explain exactly what the document is and its purpose.

They will ask you for some key information which will help them understand your situation and needs. All initial meetings are free and confidential. It’s as simple as that.

Beacon GWM cover the following areas:

  • Taxation – They will help you find ways to minimise your taxes.
  • Investments – They can review your existing investments and recommend new ones in a variety of currencies that are in harmony with both the UK and French tax systems.
  • Pensions – Thy ensure that your current and future arrangements work for you in France.

If you visit their website you’ll find a number of fact sheets explaining the different taxes that you will encounter and other useful information.

Contact Beacon GWM:

You can call or email with your query or ask for a call back. Or download a form from the Beacon GWM website.

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